Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stop. Look. Listen. To The 5th Graders Awesome Digital Book Talks!

In the hallways at Van Meter we have put up a little fun!  

Our students can STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. to wonderful book talks created by our 5th graders.
In the post Talking Book Talks In Our Hallways and Library Books! you can read all about the project and how the classroom teachers and I collaborated throughout this new adventure of creating interactive book talks.   
A very important part of this project was also creating eye-catching displays in the hallways to engage our students, teachers, and school community.  
We all worked together to create these fun displays.  The Book Talk Bubbles were created in the library, Mrs. Thompson and I took the students pictures, and my cadet Olivia and I created the QR codes from the EduVision/Camtasia Relay URL's of the book talks.  Mrs. Thompson and her cadet Lacey put up the display in their hallway. We even had help from our friend Kimberly and a few students too.
My son Hagan was in charge of trying these out when we were putting the displays up in the hallways, but tomorrow all of our students will have a chance to scan the codes with the iTouches, iPads, or a device of their own.  

You can scan the QR codes below and watch these book talks yourself too.  

Colby’s Book Talk...Diary of a Wimpy Kid 7

Sam’s Book Talk... “Hatchet”

Abbey's Book Talk..Crispin by Avi
Olivia's Book Talk...The Leanin' Dog
Maddie's Book Talk-Diary of a Wimpy Kid 7
Clair's Book Talk..A Room With A Zoo
Natalie's Book Talk Because of Winn-Dixie

Emma's Book Talk..Marley and Me

Peyton's Book Talk....Starlight Animal Rescue Mad Dog

Mitchell's Book Talk.A Series of Unfortunate Events 13

Taylor's Book Talk...Reality Bites
Hunter's Book Talk..Summer Ball
Bryce's Book Talk..Football Genius
Raven's Book Talk..The Red Kayak
Breana's Book Talk.The Report Card
Cody's Book Talk.The 39 Clues
Audrey's Book Talk.Meet Julie
Eldon's Book Fall of the Templar
Sara's Book Talk..Misty of Chicoteague
Alex's Book Talk The Face On The Milk Carton
Patrick's Book Talk.London Bridges
Cari's Book Talk.War Horse
Kolby's Book Talk No More Dead Dogs
Anthony's Book Talk Adventure's Wanted Slathbog's Gold
Alexis's Book Talk..Swindle
Shannnah's Book Talk.The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Taylor's Book Talk.A Dog's Way Home
Regan's Book Talk.Runaway Twin

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