Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"The Book Swap Shop"....The Start Of A Brand New Space In Our Library

Last week I wrote that we had a BIG SURPRISE in the elementary library...

We have decided to turn the small closet in the library (usually packed full of stuff) into "The Book Swap Shop!"   

After the new Van Meter Reading Committee decided to have a book swap in November and throughout the year, my National Honor Society and I committed to taking on the responsibility of coordinating, running and getting donations for "The Book Swap Shop."  

In the post from the Van Meter Library Voice, Bringing New Reading Events To Van Meter...And Something Very Special To A Little Place In the Library you can find out how this new space will enhance literacy, give our kids a space of their own, and put so many new books into the hands of our children.  It will give them a sense of giving....and also one of receiving.  It will be wonderful.  
So today after school, we started creating the brand new space.  We also decided to call it "The Book Swap Shop".  And our subtitle will be....."A Place To SPICE Up Your Life!"  This project will be done in conjunction with our "Spice Up The Shelves" campaign, which you can read about here.           
I went and bought a few fun colors....and ones that will match the library spaces.  
Two of our awesome NHS members, Claire and Caroline, came to paint.  

It was fun seeing them get the closet all ready to be changed into something not so ordinary....
into something really great!  
I cannot wait unti the NHS members, Diana, and others from the school see the new space.  

But most of all, I cannot wait to unveil the new room to the kids.  

And of course....to get them swapping books and coming back for more.  It is going to be such a beautiful space and one were we will truly be making a difference.  

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