Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Zoo Visits The Van Meter Public Library and Our Mackin VIA!

This week we invited the Blank Park Zoo to visit the Van Meter Public Library.  Our friend Mallory brought five animals to show over 60 little people at Van Meter.  
 She had a lot of interesting and fun facts about turtles....
 baby alligators....
 tarantulas, ferrets, and cockroaches.
The kids had a wonderful time learning new things about these animals and even had a chance to touch them.
And remember there are 10 new eBooks in Van Meter's Mackin VIA about the zoo and all of the animals that we saw.  
 Hagan had fun reading all about ferrets and how to take care of them.
He also listened to Max Goes To The Zoo.
Remember to keep on reading through July and August.

You can read for the Summer Reading Program at the Van Meter Public Library and for the eBook Summer Reading Program at our school.

And as always....please let me know if there is something you would LOVE to read.  I will get it for our library in the fall.

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  1. Great photos! and who'd think you'd find an alligator at the library!