Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love These TWO New Kid Bloggers!

I have three nieces....Riley, Grayce, and Zoey.  Riley and Grayce are two of my little besties.  When I see them we talk about all kinds of things they have done since the last time I saw them.  When we celebrated my sister Heather's birthday last night, they couldn't wait to fill me in about the end of their school year and plans for the summer.

Riley showed me her journal and was very proud of everything she wrote.  I told her that she should turn her journal into a blog....she LOVED the idea.  And of course....Grayce wanted a blog too.
Riley is 8 years old and just finished 2nd grader.  She loves writing and is an amazing artist.  Riley called her blog Riley's Ramblings.  Today, Riley is going to start her very own Twitter today too!
Little Grayce is 6 years old and just finished 1st grade.  She LOVES the same things Riley and I do...writing and art!  Her blog is called Grayce's Summer Blog.

I cannot wait to see what the two of them write and create this summer.

And as Riley says in her blog....

"Ramble On!"

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  1. What a wonderful role model you are! Thank-you for sharing!