Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dreams to Life Celebration!

Dream to Life Presentation in Slideshare
On December 15th, the library was a very special place to be at Van Meter. It had been decorated with a painted banner, homemade paper snowflakes, Christmas lights, and red table clothes. The students were so happy and excited as they got the space ready for a very special event that was going to take place after school.
Around 3:00pm, a few of these guests walked into the library. There were board members from the I Have a Dream Foundation, the mayor of Van Meter, the president of the Van Meter school board, and other friends of the Dreamers.

Soon our special guests arrived! The King Dreamers from Des Moines were here for a holiday celebration. Several of the Dreamers gave their Van Meter friends high fives, hugs, and smiles, while others just went to the tables to sit down.

But today the Dreamers were here for something more than just a holiday celebration!

Everyone had been invited to hear the announcement of the Dreams to Life campaign the Van Meter National Honor Society has created with the help of Youth Venture.

Julia Albaugh, Dani Hubbard, and Andrew Flaherty prepared an amazing presentation to tell everyone what the Dreams to Life campaign was all about. The mission of Dreams to Life is to put technology into the hands of the King Dreamers and other children in the Des Moines area. It is important to the Van Meter NHS chapter that others have the same opportunities through technology, creativity, and innovation that we have been given. In order to make these dreams a reality, the Van Meter NHS chapter along with the King Dreamers will develop and carry out fund raising events and educational opportunities.

During the presentation, the King Dreamers received three Flip video cameras as gifts to start capturing moments to use in the projects which will be created throughout the year. This will give the Dreamers a real opportunity to bring their lives into the work created with the Van Meter NHS members. It will also give them a chance to teach other students and teachers about new technology and let their voices be heard.

Every time we see our King Dreamer friends we all leave feeling blessed and so lucky to know each and every one of them. They bring smiles to our faces, laughter to our group, and friendships that we will have for a lifetime.

The lessons that we learn with our these friends are more important than anything we can learn in the classroom. These are the moments that we will have forever in our hearts.

Thank you King Dreamers for bringing so much to our lives! We love all of you.

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