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Sunday, August 8, 2021

A Library Scavenger Hunt Activity Using Capstone Connect, Pear Deck and Google Slides To Kick Off The Year In Your Library!

As we get ready to welcome our students back to school and back to the library, here is a super fun activity from our friends at Capstone. 

It's a Library Scavenger Hunt and is perfect for the first time our students come to the library.  It will give them a fun way to explore the library and find books that match each description. 

You will find the Library Scavenger Hunt to download and copy....

...on Capstone's Back-To-School Central site here... the Educator Resources and Downloadables section. 
I took the Library Scavenger Hunt sheet and turned it into a digital activity with Google Slides, Pear Deck and Capstone Connect.  Let me show you how! 

First, I created a Google Slide with simple directions and the Library Scavenger Hunt sheet I downloaded from the Capstone site. 
I then went to Capstone Connect to find eBooks and eResources around libraries.  
I also found the book I wrote, Find a Book, on Capstone Interactive and included that too.  You can also find Find a Book on YouTube here
Next, I used the Pear Deck extension in my Google Slides.  You can find the extension for Pear Deck here and learn more about Pear Deck for Google Slides here.

I clicked on that and the Pear Deck side bar popped up on the right hand side.  I selected draw to add...
..this little Pear Deck drawing option to the bottom of the slide.  
When I am ready to Start Lesson, will give two lesson mode options.  It can be a Student-Paced Activity or Instructor Paced Activity. 
I made a copy of my slides for everyone to take and use with your students.  You will find it here.  

One slide includes Pear Deck and... is just the slide that can be shared with them in a Google Slide too. 

Have fun planning back to the library activities with your students too, friends. 

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