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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Turning Google Slides Into GIFs With Creator Studio! How Fun!

I was so excited to learn about this little tool that helped me create this GIF!  I would love to share with you how to do it too!  
After reading Balloons Over Broadway, Staci Braun and I did a project with her 2nd graders where they created their own balloons in Google Drawing over our school, Van Meter.  

On the Tall Tweets site, I read about Creator Studio that was just launched.  It is a tool that turns your Google Slides presentations into GIFs and videos!  How cool is that!  I wanted to give it a try!
I clicked on Creator Studio and it opened up into Google Marketplace where I installed it. 
I then went to the Google Slides presentation that we put together for the project.  In the presentation, each student had their own Google Drawing slide.  It was brought together by the title page.
From the Google Slides presentation, I clicked on Add-Ons and went down to Creator Studio. 
I clicked on that and it opened up Creator Studio on the right hand side.  In this box, it lets you... the Output width, Intervals in seconds, and the Export Format including Animated GIF, Image Sequence, Video File (MP4) and Video with Audio.  
For this one, I selected Animated GIF and created....
...this one in seconds.  

I shared it with Staci and her students, who then shared it with their families. I shared the GIF on our schools social media channels and my blog.  Everyone thought it was so much fun to view all of their creations this way.  

And WOW, was it quick and easy! 
You can watch this short video for another explanation is needed before you start creating your own GIFs. 

Have fun, friends.  We can't wait to see what you create too! 

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