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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cool Way To Connect Through Facebook.....Messenger Code!

Today as I was answering a message in Facebook Messenger, I found something really cool that I had no idea was there!  

It was my profile picture with a neat code-looking design around it.  I thought right away that it must be something to scan.

I retraced my steps on how I got to this.
First, I went to my profile my clicking on Me in the bottom right hand corner within the Messenger app.  

The picture above is what I saw on my iPhone screen.

Second, I clicked on my profile picture within that code-looking design.
This came up on the screen.   At the top of the screen, I saw My Code and Scan Code.  

When I clicked on My Code, it brought up just the image that you see above.

And when I clicked on Scan Code....
it brought up a scanner which instructed me to....

Hold your camera up to a Messenger Code.  So there it was....I was looking at my Messenger Code!  
When I scanned my Messenger Code, my contact came up right away.

This would give me a chance to add that person if I wasn't already connected in Facebook.
I can also send my Messenger Code to others through email, text, and other ways by clicking on the little Send icon in the top right hand corner.

I immediately thought about how helpful this was going to be.
I could share my Messenger Code on my business card and various profiles.

For teacher librarians and educators, they could share their library or classroom Messenger Code with their students, parents, colleagues and school community.

Even for clubs and teams, this would be a great and easy way to connect everyone to your Facebook page.

Thank you Facebook for making it super easy for us to connect others to our Facebook.  I can't wait to share this in my Cantata Learning presentation that I am sharing this week.  

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