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Monday, December 21, 2015

2nd Grade Friends In Seattle & Iowa Share Their "Winter Around The World" In Google Hangout & Padlet

There were classrooms and libraries from all over the world who participated in our Winter Around The World project.  
In fact, over 250 schools created winter stories to share as part of our global story that we published a few days ago using FlipSnack.  

Two of the classroom who participated were 2nd graders from Iowa and Washington.

Tracy Ferguson and Staci Braun's in Van Meter, Iowa and....
Craig Seasholes in Seattle, Washington.  

They both created adorable winter stories that were educational, creative and fun for all of us.  

Through conversations and brainstorming, we decided to connect the two classrooms in different parts of the world to each other.  They could share the winter stories they created and tell the others about their winters.  

Craig and Tracy decided to use Google Hangout to connect.  With this, the conversation could be recorded and viewed by others too.  
On the day we connected,  I was flying back from Minnesota and got delayed due to a snow storm. But that didn't stop me!  I just jumped into the Google Hangout from the app on my phone and found a quiet spot in the airport to connect with all of the amazing 2nd graders.  
It was very special to hear all of them share their stories and to see how proud they were of the contribution they had to the global winter story.  We listened to original stories and songs, shared art work, and got to know one another over the virtual connection.  

You can watch the Winter Around the World Google Hangout here too

This won't be the last time these two classes connect with each other....they enjoyed it so much.  
To continue the conversation, the 2nd graders have been connecting on the Winter Around the World: Sanislo and VanMeter 2nd Graders Padlet where they are able to share links, have conversations and take pictures of themselves to post on the wall.
It has been awesome seeing what they add to their Padlet.
I cannot wait to see where this connection takes them next.  It all started with the Winter Around the World global project, which was inspired by the Cantata Learning book Winter...The Coldest Season of All.  

And this is just the first project.

Stay tuned for more coming up in 2016 including birthday celebrations, nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and school and community themes.

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