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Sunday, June 9, 2013

You Will Love These “Breakfast Serials” . . . a place that blends literature and technology in exciting ways!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Linda Wright. She is the CEO and publisher of the amazing serial publishing and technology companies called Breakfast Serials and

When I was at the Patricia Polacco professional development author event at Mackin Educational Resources my friends Vicki and Steve Palmquist, two of the co-founders of Children's Literature Network, told me that I just had to meet Linda.  They knew we would have a lot to talk about and that I would love Breakfast Serials.

Linda and I met online one day and she told me all about Breakfast Serials and showed me around the website.  It was fascinating and a wonderful resource that every teacher should know about.
Here is what I learned from Linda about Breakfast Serials original serials and

Linda first told me how Breakfast Serials came to be.  The Newbery Award medialist Avi wrote a serialized novel in 1996.  Linda then built on Avi's serialized novel to create this company and expand on his original idea.
Instant Serials is an online publisher and technology platform that creates digital reading experiences with Breakfast Serials literature—stories told over a period of time in successive episodes. 

We’re online. On demand and always secure. 

5 reasons to try Breakfast Serials in your classroom.

1. We lead the industry in serial publishing and serial delivery services. is an online was developed to innovate and foster independent reading in classrooms and living rooms. Our serials are dynamic creations by the best writers and illustrators. All created for a family audience. Before e-books and the Web truly existed, our serial titles were exclusively published in print newspapers around the world. 

This imprint, called Instant Serials, still exists. 

2. Our serials may be customized to your needs. Because we stream serial stories (rather than sell physical or electronic books) we’ve built a story format and delivery service to support independence. That means you can choose a title and schedule story episodes to fit your timetable. 

Readers can also design the look of each chapter as the art and text are dynamic.

3. You can integrate reading groups in minutes, not days. We stream stories to reading groups one episode at a time. You schedule the release dates of each episode. The story unfolds at the same pace for everyone. No reader can jump ahead. Moreover, our software keeps track of each participant and reminds readers when new episodes will be released. While the reading group is sharing a story, Instant Serials’ platform serializes the group’s discussions. This way, your students get to share their thoughts and have their writing read by others as the story unfolds. 

4. Robust management tools enable sophisticated control of reading group discussions by the teacher. 

Common Core Standard teacher’s guides have been created for each title. 

5. We provide a solution that fits all budgets. 

 - To preview our literature sign up for free. 
 - Your account also entitles you to set up one free reading group (any size). 
 - Regular group pricing is $5.95 per story/group (e.g., we’ll synchronize and stream episodes to your students—anywhere)
I enjoyed learning about Breakfast Serials and with Linda.  They are definitely something all students and teachers will love.

When she had me go to a serial to see how interactive and personal the reading experience was I was definitely hooked.  You can go to The Fighting Group shown above to see why the home page of their website states....

Breakfast Serials just aren't read, they're consumed. 

You can go to the "Sample Chapters" too.

As you can see, breakfast serials are another great place for all of us to check out this summer and share with our students and teachers in the fall.

This is one place that will definitely get them excited about reading.

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