Monday, November 21, 2016

A New Way To Personalize Your MackinVIA Homepage For Students, Teachers and The School Community!

Bringing together all of the library resources within MackinVIA is the perfect way to put your students and school community in touch with eBooks, databases, videos, online resources, digital tools, student work and even more!

MackinVIA will become the one stop shop for resources and even a place for connecting students to assignments and things you want them to check out for specific classes and projects.

Now we can even personalize our MackinVIA homepage to bring even more to our students and school community through this wonderful free, digital platform.

You won't believe how easy and fun it is to create a personalized MackinVIA Home Page for your library too!
First, in your MackinVIA Administrator page, click on Home Page under Settings on the right hand side of the tool bar on top.
This will bring up the Home Page.  

Each green box is a featured carousel on the Home Page.  If they are grey, that means that carousel isn't active or seen.  It is easy to turn them on and off at the right with the X and check mark.

You can select how many you want to feature in such carousels like Newest, Highest Rated, and DOGO News, which everyone can feature for free within MackinVIA.
 You can add two different carousels to your Home Page.
 One lets you add a Category Home Page Carousel. 

You will click on Add Category Carousel. A box will pop up with a drop down menu will pop up.

From this drop down menu, select the category you want to feature on your Home Page.
 I added the Art and Music Category, which you will see at the bottom of the screen above.

You can move these around by clicking, holding and sliding it into place.  These can be moved around at any time.
In this image above, look at how I moved the Feature Category: Art and Music up the carousels on the Home Page.
You can also Add Group Home Page Carousel, which lets you select any Groups you have set up within MackinVIA.

I selected my Makerspace Toolbox Group to add and then....
added it to the top of the Home Page.  
Once you have made all of the changes and additions you would like, go to the student view of MackinVIA to make sure this is how you want your Home Page to look.  

I know your students will love how you can personalize your MackinVIA Home Page and bring the digital library to them anywhere they go. 
To find out more about MackinVIA and get lots of support materials and resources, please visit Mackin here.  

With this important upgrade, it is easier to get connected to what they want even more with MackinVIA.

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