Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Join Me In Maryland On September 14, 2019 For The "Becoming A Future Ready Librarian Workshop"

I am excited to share an upcoming Future Ready Librarian event on September 14, 2019 in Cockeysville, Maryland. 
I will be facilitating the Becoming A Future Ready Librarian workshop on this day at Cockeysville Middle School.  As our workshop site states,

During the workshop, we will explore the critical role that librarians can play in the strategic work of schools and educational systems connected with educational technology leadership, empowering students as creators and learners, content curation, innovative instructional practices, and more.  We will share stories and inspire us to embrace the change we can bring through our role as librarians. 
Registration is now open and you will find the link here to register yourself for this free event.  Please contact Lia Dossin at ldossin@all4ed.org if you have questions about this event. 

I hope to see you, friends.  It will be a wonderful day together. 

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