Friday, July 5, 2019

Future Ready Librarians Lead With Literacy....Share How You Do Too!

At the annual ISTE Conference in Philadelphia in June, my partner and friend, Mark Ray and I, presented Future Ready Librarians Lead With Literacy. 
Not only did we share important information about how we, as Future Ready Librarians, are the literacy leaders within our schools and communities,
we also asked the question,
How do you teach and support future ready literacies with students and colleagues? 
During the session, Mark and I recorded the different literacies being shared on the Future Ready Librarians...Literacies Padlet by adding multiple columns such as Cultural Literacies, Tool Literacies, SEL Literacies, Social Media Literacies, etc... 

When we got all of these different literacies added as columns on the Padlet, we asked everyone at our presentation to add how they teach and support these, along with ideas and resources for each literacy.
As we reflect on all of these amazing things shared and recorded, we want to grow this Padlet even more and make it an important resource to our work and growth as Future Ready Librarians over the summer and as we go into a new school year. 

Please visit the Future Ready Librarians....Literacies Padlet here and add your ideas, resources and thoughts.  Feel free to add more literacies as columns as you see fit too. 

Thank you, friends. Together we will inspire and empower our teachers, students and others to be leaders in literacy too. 

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