Friday, July 13, 2018

Ask Your Librarian A Question With Instagram!

I love using Instagram to engage the community throughout our library, school community and the world.  It is the place we find lots of students, families, authors, technology companies, Makers and others, so being able to share and collaborate using Instagram is always a big success and fun way to stay connected. 

And, guess what?  In the new Instagram update, there is a super cool way to connect with our community even more!  
Within Instagram Stories, we can now add Questions with Stickers! 

This will give us so many opportunities to connect with our community by engaging them with helpful and fun questions of all kinds.  

Let me show you how to add a Questions Sticker to a post in your Instagram Story too!  
Pick a picture for Your Story.  Click on the little Stickers icon in the right hand corner. 
You will find the Questions sticker now.  Click on that.
It will let you change the words where it says Ask me a question... 
to anything you would like. 

You will see that I changed it to, What could you create after reading these books?  This would engage my community and get them to interact with the post from @vmlibraryvoice.
 You can also change the colors....
 and add emojis and symbols to the post. 
When you are finished, click on either Save, Your Story or Send To. You can also Add to Highlights or Your Facebook Story.  
Once you have responses, they are very easy to read and respond to as well. 

I am excited for this new feature and all that it can bring to our community. 

How do you see yourself using this feature within your library and community too? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The ISTE 2018 Conference Collection For All Of Us To Curate and Share!

I have created a special Collection to bring all of the wonderful resources that were shared, created and celebrated through the ISTE 2018 Conference in Chicago in June.  
I made the ISTE 2018 Collection public and open so all of us can add resources as we collaborate and share.  Together, we can make this Collection awesome archives of the learning, collaborating and sharing that took place this year during and after ISTE.  

You will find the 2018 ISTE Collection here 
Let me know if you have any questions.  I can't wait to see what everyone shares.  Please feel free to add your presentations, events and other resources too.  

The NEW ISTE and Future Ready Librarians Crosswalk Is Here!

One of the most exciting announcements during the ISTE Conference in June was the announcement of the NEW Future Ready Librarian Crosswalk. 
ISTE teamed up with Follett and Future Ready Librarians to create a crosswalk showing the relationship between the FRL framework and the ISTE Standards for Educators.  
On the new ISTE Librarian site that was also introduced at ISTE, you will find the Future Ready Librarians Crosswalk right on the home page. 
 As stated in the Crosswalk,

With the goal of preparing future ready digital-age learners, school librarians can use this crosswalk to identify new ways to lead, teach and support students and teachers. 

In the crosswalk, you will find the interconnections between the Future Ready LibrariansTM Framework and the ISTE Standards for Educators. These two frameworks support and complement each other, each deepening the other because they share the same goal: dynamic, equitable digital age learning for all students. Because the Future Ready framework takes a high level view, while the Educator Standards are more granular, the specific, related portions of the Future Ready indicators are highlighted to make the interconnects clearer. 
Use this framework to guide and deepen the work you do as a librarians or library media specialist or to rethink, redesign and grow the role in your school or district.

As you can see, this new crosswalk is going to be one more thing that will help us guide the work we do as Future Ready Librarians and those who support librarians, libraries, teachers and students.

It will make a difference.

I hope you visit and bookmark today.  

Thank you to everyone at the Alliance for Excellent Education, Follett and ISTE who has worked so hard to bring us such a meaningful and important place for librarians.  

Join Us For A Follett Institute This Fall To Kick Off An Amazing New Year In Your Library!

We are getting ready for several Follett Institutes this coming fall.  They are going to be awesome events that will help you and your librarians kick off an amazing year in the library and within our school community.  

These will be two days events featuring my friend, Patty Stanko, and myself.

The first event in Fresno, California is now live and you can register here.  This will be August 27 and 28, 2018.

On August 27, Patty she will show you how to use those great Destiny features to be an instructional leader in your schools.

My day, Lead From The Library Like A Rock Star, is on August 28 and will focus on how to make a different in the lives of students, teachers and families in the library, school community and throughout the world.
The second event in Fairfield, California and you can register here. This will be September 24 and 25, 2018.
And the third event, which Follett just announced is in Fleming Island, Florida on September 12 and 13.  You will find the link to register for this event here
We hope to see you at one of our Follett Institutes, friends.  I can't wait to see many of my school librarian friends from Fresno, Fairfield and in other places too.  

Monday, July 9, 2018

Join Us For A New Webinar To Hear What We Learned At The Future Ready Librarian Summit

We have an exciting announcement from Follett Community!  
In case you missed the Future Ready Librarian Summit on June 23 in Chicago, my friends Traci Chun, Elissa Malespina and I are excited to share what we learned in a new webinar on September 5 at 5:00pm CST.  
The webinar is the perfect way to kick off a new school year as we gain valuable skills and get inspired by other Future Ready Librarians. 

During the webinar you will learn: 

  • The intricacies of the new Future Ready Librarian Framework, and what each ‘wedge’ represents.
  • How to overcome challenges faced by today’s school librarians, and ways to ensure your library is Future Ready.
  • How to use new tools with students that inspire collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • New ways to work with administration and other educators within your building to be an integral part of curriculum planning and decision making.
We hope you join us on September 5 as we share how this day changed and inspired us too.  

Sunday, July 8, 2018

BEING YOU....A Beautiful New Book From Capstone Celebrating Every Readers' Individuality, Talents and Voice

Our friends at Capstone have a beautiful new book that celebrates every readers' talents, individually and voice.  It is called BEING YOU. 
The words for BEING YOU are by award-winning author and professor Alexs Pate.  

The illustrations are by Soud, who has illustrated many books for children and young readers in his native Brazil. 
Together, the two of them have brought together an amazing poetic message of love and optimism through a truly authentic voice for all children.   
From the moment I opened BEING YOU, I loved reading the words and seeing the illustrations representing all children and the diverse voices, talents, and unique qualities they bring to the world. 
BEING YOU fits perfectly into the #ownvoices movement bringing a positive, self-affirming message that will appeal to all children.  I love the conversations that it will bring to our libraries and classrooms too.  

BEING YOU will be available from Capstone in October 2018. Please watch and share the trailer too. 

The Very Special Story About Our Library Instagram

As my teacher librarian partner Jessica and I get ready to kick off a new year in the Van Meter School Library, we are spending the summer getting lots of things up and running including our social media accounts.

One that we are especially excited about is our Instagram, which can be found at @vmlibraryvoice
As we shared on the vmlibraryvoice Instagram  profile, 

The Van Meter Library Voice is a school library in Van Meter, Iowa where you can come to be HEARD through reading, sharing, creating, teaching, learning and fun! 

This will be a very active place for our students, teachers, community and of course for us us, as the teacher librarians, to share all of the special things that take place within our library and school. 

But I would also love to share the story behind when our Instagram for the Van Meter Library Voice first started five years ago. 

It is from the post on my blog, When You Give Kids An iPad, You Will Need Instagram To Go With It.  This is one of my all time favorite posts! 

Enjoy, friends
September 12, 2013

Today the 4th graders Skyped with our friend Diane Cordell.  She has been connecting with us this week in the library to celebrate Dot Day by sharing her love of photography.  Diane loves finding dots to take pictures of and put together a beautiful slideshow to share with our students to celebrate International Dot Day.  

You can read about her visit and see the pictures at this post....The 4th Graders Are Making Their Mark For Dot Day With Photography Haiku Deck Project.
Right before we connected with Diane, I showed the kids a set of amazing photographs our friend Robert Forbes has been taking while on a trip overseas.  Since he will still be gone for Dot Day next week, we are celebrating together by sharing dots from his travels and will even be singing a special song he wrote too. 

They just loved guessing what the dots were in his pictures....and guessing where they were taken was fun too. 
All of this talk about photography got two of my little friends thinking....

We have an iPad and stand that we use to record in the library, what about taking pictures?  
And what about sharing those pictures on an Instagram just for the library? 

They were right!  We have an iPad in the library that everyone uses already with the Camtasia Relay Fuse app and others.....Why not create an Instagram and letting the students take the pictures and share them too. 
So as Diane was Skyping with the students and sharing her slideshow, I was creating a brand new Instagram for the library, with input from the two students of course.  We decided to call it the Van Meter Library Voice Instagram. 
They went to ReciteThis, which they learned about the first week of school, and created a profile logo that fit perfectly.  
I especially love how they described our Instagram.....And that it would be a place for all of our students kindergarten through 12th grade to come together through pictures.  
They captured the Skype with Diane....
and posted it on the Van Meter Library Voice Instagram.  
Diane got a great picture of the 4th graders from her side too.  

By introducing this to them, it also opened up a great discussion about using tools online. We talked about being responsible, thinking about what we post and share, and always being kind online.   
When we finished the Skype, the 4th graders and I went outside to take pictures of dots all around us. 

All of the 4th graders also have their own iPad and love using it to take pictures.  

Our library iPad and stand came with us.  The kids do a great job of caring for it....
and taking turns using it to take pictures and video.
We also worked together to post them to Instagram.  
When the 2nd graders came a little later I told them we had a new Instagram for the library. We also started by talking about being safe online and responsible, respectful, and kind digital citizens. 
I showed the students that we would be able to look at the pictures from the library on our Instagram and that we would share this with our school and others.  We talked about giving each picture a little title or description so everyone would know what was happening in the library.  
It was fun to see the pictures that we were taking get added to the Instagram.   
After the 2nd graders had their Dot Day coffee filter dots finished today, it was fun watching the kids get them all organized for a picture.  They were very proud of them and couldn't wait to show the world. 

I let them take the picture and I helped Eve post it on our Instagram.  
I just love what she wrote....

All 2nd grade's dot's tada! 

How fun to give our library and students an Instagram today!  Tada!