Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Classroom Screen...The Best Screen For Every Classroom and Library!

While reading through posts and tweets after the TCEA Conference, I came across one that was especially intriguing from my friend and librarian Colleen Graves.  

She shared, is one of the coolest and simplest teaching hacks I learned at TCEA!  

How cool! You can quickly get a timer, textbook, QR code, noise meter, drawing tools, work symbols and more!

I went to the site right away to check it out.  
When you log into Classroom Screen, it takes you to....
a screen that looks like this.  
The first thing I did was click on the circle in the left hand corner.
This gave me a little background on the developer Laurens Koppers, who is a teacher in the Netherlands.  I loved finding this out because tools that are created by teachers for their classrooms are often times the best!
On this page, I also found How It Works, 
 Tips and Tricks, 
and a Padlet for Sharing your experiences with other users.  

I was ready to use Classroom Screen myself!  
You will see this amazing tool bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you add so many different instructions for your students.  

I gave it a try by thinking of a way I could use it this week. 
Tomorrow I will be celebrating Digital Learning Day with a few little friends around the country on Skype.  I will be sharing Staying Safe Online, the book I wrote with Cantata Learning. I thought it would be fun for the students to learn the song, write down 5 things they learned about being digital leaders and then create a Buncee sharing what they learned.  

On the Classroom Screen I created, I included the directions using Text.  I included two QR to the Staying Safe Online YouTube video and one to Buncee. I also added a Work Symbol for working together, Class Timer and Traffic Light.  I also changed the Background by adding an image of the Staying Safe Online cover.  

Once you have added the directions that you want and your Classroom Screen is ready, project it onto a screen in your library and classroom and let you students get to work.  

I love this!  It was so quick and easy to create this place students could go when they came into the library or classroom.  
 You can choose from 44 different languages or....
you can click on Add a Language and it will tell you have to make a translation in the language you want too.  
Today, I loved seeing my friend and librarian Nikki Robertson shared this post from her library and I have seen a few others share how they are using it too.

And it isn't just to use for students.  Classroom Screen is a wonderful tool to use with teacher too. In fact, I even used it in India last week with the teacher librarians I was with there.

As you learn more about Classroom Screen and bring it to your classroom and library, check out the video below for more tips and information.

I can't wait to see how you use it too!  

A Digital Learning Day Collection!

This is the week! The week that we celebrate Digital Learning Day on February 22. 

This day is a way for all education and school library leaders to highlight great teaching practice and showcase all of the innovative things school librarians, teachers, students and others are doing to improve student outcomes.  It is a wonderful way for all of us to celebrate how modern day tools are improving the learning experiences for our students and enhancing the role of teachers in America's classrooms.  
As you plan your Digital Learning Day, you can add your event to the interactive map here.
Once you've added your #DLDay celebration, spread the word using the tweet below and sharable images on the graphics page

Also, make sure you tweet.... We're participating in Digital Learning Day 2018! Add your event next to ours on the #DLDay map: @OfficialDLDay 

One more thing I have put together to help all of us as we plan our celebrations this week and digital learning throughout the year is this Digital Learning Day Collection by Destiny.  
You will find the Digital Learning Day Collection here.  It is filled with information about the day and all kinds of digital tools they highlighted on the site.  

I added a few very special digital tools to the Collection like Buncee and Flipgrid.  Please let me know what else I should add to the Collection too.

Also, you will LOVE the books and songs that I added to use on Digital Learning Day and throughout the year.
First,  Staying Safe Online that I wrote with Cantata Learning is perfect for Digital Learning Day.  Your students will love singing along as they learn how to stay safe online.  You can read more about this story and song here.
Second, check out the Code It! Series from Cantata Learning.  Your students will love singing along as they learn these important coding concepts. You can read more about this awesome new series here.
These books and others can be found in this special Digital Learning Day Titlewave List that my friends at Follett put together for us.  

Have fun celebrating Digital Learning Day, friends.  I can't wait to follow #DLDay to see how everyone is celebrating this week.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

President's Day Collection....Something For Everyone!

It's President's Day and a time to honor the presidents of the United States.  

To celebrate, I brought together a new President's Day Collection that you will find here.
First, I included an awesome list of books for President's Day in this Titlewave List.  You will find the list in the President's Day Collection and by clicking here.
Next, I included two super places to visit in PebbleGo.  You will find all of the Presidents in PebbleGo and....
 a few of the First Ladies. 
Also, Cantata Learning has two stories and songs that will fit perfectly on this day.  One about George Washington and the other about Abraham Lincoln. 

How fun to sing along as your students learn about these two amazing presidents! 
 I have included a project ideas too! 
I especially love the ideas using Storyboard That, which you can find in the Collection.

I hope you had a great day celebrating President's Day.  These resources in the President's Day Collection are wonderful to use today and any day of the year as we celebrate our presidents and country too.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Join Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver For a FREE Live Broadcast From Skype in the Classroom

Our friends at Skype in the Classroom have teamed up with Penguin Publishers to bring our students, libraries, families and communities something very special.  

On February 28, 2018 at 9am EST and 1:00pm EST, Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver will be participating in a live broadcast and Twitter Chat with all of us around the world.  
Henry and Lin are the creators of the Hank Zipzer and Here's Hank book series.  Children will be very excited to be part of this 30 minute free broadcast to celebrate the creativity and greatness that lives in every child, according to the site. 

They will also be answering questions from students after the broadcast on Twitter using #Skype2Learn.  You and your students can submit questions now through February 28.  

Parents can submit questions and participate in the broadcast and Twitter chat too.  
 You can register for this wonderful event here.
And you can purchase the books here too. 

I can't wait to listen to the live broadcast with Henry and Lin.  

This series really fits perfect into developing readers, characters and personality.  Hank is a perfect character for our children.  

With Read Across America Day being on March 2, this Skype event will be a lovely way to connect the two in bringing more literacy events to our children and communities.  

Let's Celebrate The Illinois Bicentennial With A Brand New Collection!

This weekend as I was working on a President's Day project about Abraham Lincoln, I came across some very exciting news about Illinois where as you know, President Lincoln lived in Springfield with his family. 
This year Illinois is celebrating their states 200th Birthday. 

The Illinois Bicentennial will be celebrated all year long with so many different events, projects and activities.  The main campaign from the Governor of Illinois is called Born, Built and Grown.  This campaign honors the people, places and things that make the state so strong, kind and beautiful. 

As this event is celebrate in schools across Illinois and other schools and communities, I thought it would be exciting and helpful to bring together lots of resources, projects, books, PebbleGo articles and other awesome artifacts for this very special event. 
I created the Illinois Bicentennial Collection by Destiny that you can find here.  

Please feel free to share this with your students, teachers and others.  Let me know if you'd like to collaborate with me on this Collection too.

Happy Birthday Illinois. I am excited to learn even more about your amazing state this year.

Make The Most Of Capstone 4D By Joining Me In This New Webinar On February 28!

On February 28 at 3:30pm CST,  I will be sharing the best ways to create an augmented reading experience for your students using Capstone's new 4D books.
Our friends at Capstone have created a very special augmented READING experience for our students, libraries and classrooms!  

Capstone 4D brings our readers an augmented reading experience through books. It blends the benefits of print books with bonus digital content to enhance learning and appeal to the YouTube generation.  You can read more about 4D in this post. 
I hope you join me for the webinar which will be full of information, ideas and fun!  If you can't make it at that time, don't worry....the webinar will be recorded and the archive will be sent to you in an email. 

You can register here, friends.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cultivates Community Partnerships Collection....Week 5 In The Future Ready Librarian Collection Series!

In January, I kicked off a new series of Collections by Destiny for all 10 of the Future Ready Librarians wedges.  
Each Friday, I am creating a special Collection for each one of the 10 wedges within the Future Ready Librarian framework for my Shannon's Favorite Finds that I share for #FavoriteFindsFriday. 

The 10 Future Ready Librarian Collections are filled with resources such as the FRL webinars, organizations, articles, Follett case studies, helpful tips, online communities for librarians, tools, and much more.  
Today, for Week 5, I have the Cultivates Community Partnerships Collection.  
This Collection focuses on the wedge, Cultivates Community Partnerships that you will find here.  I have added several wonderful resources and will continue to add things I find. 
If you have something to share, please reach out and join as a collaborator. I would love to have you!
I added this one to The 10 Future Ready Librarians Wedge Collections Are Here Collection that you will find here.  This is one to bookmark and then you could get to the entire series of Future Ready Librarian Collections anytime.  
Have a wonderful weekend friends!  Next Friday I will be sharing the Leads Beyond the Library Collection!  I can't even wait. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fixed Resource Cards In Collections Are Here!

I always enjoy getting emails and seeing posts from my good friend Jason See, who is Follett's Director of Classroom Solutions.  

I know there will be something super cool Jason and his team will want to share.  

Well today, I loved this FB post from Jason!  I have been waiting for this one.  

We, as librarians, teachers and even students, have been asking Follett to give us a way to view all of the resources on a Collections page and today they did it!  

You will now find Fixed Resource Cards in Collections!  

In fact, if you open up a Collection....
you will see that this Collection automatically updated to the fixed resource cards.  

Check out the 2018 Winter Olympics Collection here.  You see how each resource is now a smaller card-like format.  
 If you click on one, like this one pointing to the Michelle Kwan article in PebbleGo,

it will let you perform several functions by clicking on those three dots in the right hand corner of each resource card. 
You can also click on the i in the blue circle in the left hand corner to open up each resource card.  This will show all of the information you have added including specific directions, tips or other information.  This will be very helpful when assigning students research, collaborating with teachers, connecting students to new and interesting content, and so much more.  

I love the new resource card feature as it makes it easier to read, research and brainstorm ideas for all of our needs.