Sunday, February 19, 2017

Learn More About Teaching Digital Literacy In The Follett Webinar On April 18

On April 18, I will be presenting a Follett webinar Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course.  

As the webinar page in the Follett Community states,

Don't miss my April 18 webinar as we explore the importance of teaching digital literacy, the effects of not addressing digital literacy in your school and how you can address this issue.  In today's climate of what's real and what is "fake" news, it's more important than ever to understand how you can best empower every student-even the very young-to become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information.  
We hope you can join us for this free webinar to learn more about digital literacy and Follett's Project Connect Digital Citizenship course too.

Register at this link.   The webinar will be recorded.  If you cannot attend the live webinar, please register anyway to receive a link to the recording.

Look How We Celebrated WRAD17 Around The World!

Over the last week, I have loved watching all of the World Read Aloud Day celebrations, projects and connections being made around the globe.  

By following #WRAD17 on Twitter and Instagram, I was able to see all of the author, illustrator and publisher connections taking place; classrooms and libraries connecting with each other to celebrate reading, creating and learning together; and lots of amazing projects happening full of creativity and fun.  
I had such a wonderful WRAD by sharing the process of writing my new Library Skills series with Cantata Learning.  

You can read more about this connection here
Also, you can search #wrad17 to look back at all of the sharing happening last week....and continue to be shared.
And to continue the connections started for WRAD17, Andy Plemmons and I will keep up the World Read Aloud Day 2017 Google Doc, which is now 89 pages long of people connecting all over the world.

Happy WRAD Everyone....I can't wait to celebrate with all of you next year too!  

Let's Show Everyone How LOUD Libraries Can Be With These New T-Shirts!

Are you a LOUD Librarian?  Is your library a place where LOUD is happening all the time?

My friend Karyn Lewis and I have put together a way you can let everyone know!

You can order your LOUD Librarian t-shirts from this link.  They are delivered right to you.

And we will all be ready to show that we are LOUD Librarians too!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Daily Tweet For You!

Something new has hit my Twitter and I am super excited to share!
My daughter Brianna, who is a senior in college and majoring in marketing is also the co-director for The Library Voice and my partner in lots of creative projects, research and collaborative ideas.   

Brianna is also starting her own business Engaged Media Solutions, which she plans to kick off within the next week.  I can't wait for her to showcase the awesome website she has created for this.  
Currently she also works with Cantata Learning, Literacy for Texas and Maker Maven with their marketing and social media needs.  
She has always been around libraries, education, books, technology, Makerspaces and now the publishing world and Future Ready Librarians, so is very in tune and passionate about the things we all need and love. 
Here are a few of the things Brianna has been creating for her clients.  I am so proud of the thought, creativity and voice she puts into everything she does.  

Brianna has an awesome weekly social media schedule with Literacy for Texas and Maker Maven so we decided it would be a fun thing to start this for me too.  She is going to kick it off on my Twitter @shannonmmiller by sharing...

daily with these 5 awesome themes!  You can see them in the Buncee that Brianna created by clicking above or here

I am excited for what is coming to my Twitter each week and can't wait until she adds it to our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

I know you will love these daily tweets too!  
You can follow Brianna on Twitter at @BriannaMCua and...
on her blog, Living Light and Breezy.   We will share her new business website soon. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kids Make WRAD & Everyday Awesome!

My favorite part of being a teacher librarian is simple.  

It's the kids. 

I love being able to celebrate with them all year long for so many different reasons.  We celebrate reading, collaboration, creativity, learning, differences, research, their unique passions and voice, and being able to connect all of these things together in a safe, wonderful, happy place that is theirs.  

One of our favorite days to celebrate connecting each year is on LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day! This is not only a celebration of reading, it is a celebration of a lot of the same things we celebrate in our libraries....creativity, diversity, learning, collaboration and being connected to others around world.  This is what makes it so special.  

Since I am not in a library anymore, on World Read Aloud Day I help others connect (by creating the WRAD Google Doc and WRAD Flipgrid with my awesome friend Andy Plemmons) and schedule Skype's with my friends and their students.  I miss celebrating in our library together but I have such a terrific week celebrating, collaborating and connecting with others within our community and around the world.  

Today I kicked off three special Skype's I have for WRAD this week.  
The first was with my friend Lynn Kelinmeyer (@THLibrariZen). She is an elementary teacher librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate School in the Lewis Central School District in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

This was an extra special Skype because I was the author, talking about my new series Library Skills from Cantata Learning!  These helpful and fun books, paired with delightful illustrations and fun music that makes these books extra unique.

I loved sharing the process of writing a book, talking through illustrations and supporting it as it is published and set out into the world. Lynn's students had great questions and feedback.  I loved watching their faces and seeing them move to the music I was playing.

They were the best!

I can't wait to go back to visit once the first 4 books in this series comes out in July 2017.

I will Skype with two other schools on WRAD celebrating the wonderful illustrations and music found in the Cantata Learning books. I will post updates as we go to the bottom of this post.

Have fun friends and celebrate WRAD all year long!

And remember...

It's the kids.

That's the best part.

The Twitter Conversation During The First Future Ready Librarian Webinar ROCKED! Check It Out!

Yesterday we kicked off the Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series!  You can read all about it and watch the webinar here.  Please share this with other teacher librarians, administrators, teachers and stakeholders too.

It was an amazing event and we were excited to know there were over 1,500 who signed up to be part of this exciting conversation.

As you know, there was also a conversation happening at #futurereadylibs on Twitter.  It started before the webinar and went into last night.  In fact, it is still happening today.

We brought these tweets together for all of you in the Storify Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series #1...What's Not To Love that you can find here or embedded below.

Remember, it doesn't have to be a webinar day for all of us to connect, collaborate and celebrate on Twitter.  Let's use #futurereadylibs to keep this going conversation going all year long!

Let's be here for each other to make a different in the future of libraries and for Future Ready Librarians.

Celebrate #FutureReadyLibs On Instagram....Start Sharing Your #FutureReady World Today!

With all of the celebrating, learning, sharing and friendships being made on the Twitter using the new Future Ready Librarians hashtag... #futurereadylibs, there are wonderful posts on Instagram popping up now too!

When you go to #futurereadylibs on Instagram, you will come to the page that features just these posts that are tagged with our hashtag.

Instagram is one of the strongest social communities for teacher librarians and educators, so let's keep sharing using #futurereadylibs to create a place where we can see what is happening with Future Ready Librarians and Libraries every single day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sign Up For "Loud Libraries Part 2"....A Webinar With Cantata Learning, Capstone and Me!

Do you agree the stereotype of the "shushing librarian" is utterly outdated? 

Join me for a free, 30-minute webinar from Cantata Learning and Capstone on Wednesday, March 1, showcasing easy ways to incorporate music into your instruction and collection.  Music is an affordable, effective and fun way to transcend traditional barriers to student understanding and engagement.  

My tips help make it easy to try!  

This is from the webinar registration site where you can also go to register for Loud Libraries Part 2. 

I hope to see you all there!

Watch The Very First Future Ready Librarians Webinar....What's Not To Love?

Today my friend and colleague Mark Ray and myself kicked off the Future Ready Librarians webinar series with the Alliance for Excellent Education.

The panelists included...

Shannon McClintock Miller, Future Ready Librarians and Follett's Project Connect Spokesperson, Colorado and Iowa, as the host. 

Kristen Mattson, Ed.D
, Future Ready Librarian, Waubonsie Valley High School,  Indian Prairie School District 204, Aurora, Illinois

Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools, Alliance for Excellent Education

Mark Ray, Future Ready Librarians Lead, Vancouver Public Schools, Vancouver WA

Future Ready Librarians is an extension of the Future Ready initiative aimed at raising awareness among district and school leaders about the valuable role librarians can play in supporting the Future Ready goals of their school and district.  Follett, AASL and ISTE Librarians have been wonderful partners in the Future Ready Librarians initiative as well.

You can read all about Future Ready Librarians here.
Please watch this first Future Ready Librarians webinar by clicking on the box above to get involved and be part of this ongoing conversation.
Also, check out the #FutureReadyLibs hashtag on Twitter as there was an amazing conversation happening here during the webinar as well.

This webinar was brought to us by Alliance for Excellent Education, Follett's Project Connect and Future Ready Schools.

Together we will make a difference for librarians, school libraries, educators, families and most of all....the children that we serve and for their future. The Future Ready Librarian program can lead this transformation.
You will find the entire webinar archive on this page including the Google Slide presentation that I shared during our time together.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Look Where Storyboard That Is Now!

This week you will find something brand new on my blog.  

It is a new Storyboard That badge for....
Storyboard That on Teachers Pay Teachers where you will find posters, worksheets, character guides, presentations and megapacks!  

These are amazing resources that compliment and support all of the engaging and creative features of Storyboard That.  
Once you get to Storyboard That in Teachers Pay Teachers you will find all of these resources and more!
You can also check out Storyboard That here. 

5 Ways Music Makes Collaboration Fun

This is my new post from the Cantata Learning blog.

One of best things about being a teacher librarian is the collaboration that takes place with the teachers and leaders within our school community every day. It is a time to connect and build relationships with colleagues, share thoughts, and provide support to one another. We also build collaborative relationships with our parents and community members, as this is a big part of our library program too.  
As we look for ways to promote and support collaboration, let’s take a look at five ways music can be used throughout the year in making these collaborative times meaningful and fun!
You will find the 5 ways music makes collaboration fun at the post on the Cantata Learning blog here

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kick Off WRAD By Sharing Follett's "Behind the Book" Author Video Series With Your Kids In A Variety Of Ways!

As we get ready for World Read Aloud Day this week, I have been on the look out for reading events and resources to share with our readers each day.

To kick off WRAD, I have something very special from Follett Learning to share.
It is the Behind The Book Author Series found on Follett Learning's YouTube Channel here. 

There are 54 wonderful author interviews on this playlist.  

They can be played within the playlist and...
each one of the videos can be played and shared individually too.
This would be perfect to share in the library or classroom during this week as we celebrate WRAD.

You could share individual Behind The Book videos with groups of students or even have the playlist running on a big screen as they come in and out of the library.
Also, you can hand out the above card to students and it will give them access to all of the Behind the Book videos by scanning the QR code or going to the on the bottom.

This will be a fun activity for them at school, on the bus and even at home.
You can go to this Google Doc to get the card and even a page with 9 of the cards on it making it very easy to print a bunch to pass out for WRAD this week.
The author interviews are also fun to share on Twitter and Instagram by sharing the individual links to the Behind the Book videos.....or tweet out the entire playlist too!

We all hearing from our favorite authors.  This week give everyone a special place to listen to wonderful stories, writing tips, upcoming books and more from the Behind the Book series too.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

7 Ways To Teach Animal Adaptations With Books, Research, Songs, Art and Technology!

Children love animals and all of the things that make them different.  

We, as librarians and teachers, need to help them expand their knowledge of animal features and behaviors that help them survive in their natural habitats.  By introducing new books and songs, developing rich lessons and having our students participate in creative, engaging projects we will do just that....and more!  

Animal adaptations are one of the best science topics to teach and here are 8 new books, songs and projects to bring to your library and classroom too!  
1. Teaching Animal Adaptations With Songs 

How about teaching your students about animal adaptations with songs?  

Well, with this new series from Cantata Learning you can do just that! 

One of my favorite new spring 2017 series from Cantata Learning is Animal Songs: Songs About Animal Adaptations Set
This fun series of four books was written by Vita Jimemez, illustrated by Katy Hudson and the music is by Drew Temperante.  

I love how each book invites young readers to explore the beautiful world of animals and their unique characteristics through a sing-along song and detailed, colorful illustrations.  
You will find the music for each book on the Cantata Learning website.  It can be streamed or downloaded.  There is also the instrumental versions too if they want to use when creating original lyrics.  
You can take a peak inside and sing along here!  This one and all Cantata Learning stories and songs can be found in the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel. 
You can also find a terrific lesson on the site that teachers students about different animal adaptations using the four new songs and stories in the Animal World series.  It can be downloaded from the Cantata Learning site here.  
The Art, Technology and PE Extensions included at the end of the lesson are meaningful, creative ways to extend the information and learning from the series.   

2. Teaching Animal Adaptations With Where The Wild Things Are, A Classic Picture Book 
I always love finding picture books to tie together with nonfiction.  Today I came across the perfect tie in for the Animal Songs series.  

It is using my all-time favorite picture book by writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak Where The Wild Things Are, which won the Caldecott Medal in 1964. 
You can find it here.
I love this project for using one of my favorite books Where The Wild Things Are to teach children about animal adaptations.  How fun would they think this is!  

You can get the Wild Thing Adaptations Project here on Teachers Pay Teachers too!

3. Teaching Animal Adaptations Through Research 
As students learn more about animal adaptations, PebbleGo Animals from Capstone is the perfect place to go for researching all of these things. 
Capstone also created PebbleGo Animales which is the Spanish version of PebbleGo Animals.  

4. Teaching Animal Adaptations With Digital Tools 
My students loved this next one... Build Your Wild Self which allows them to create their very own mixed up animal self.

They can choose different characteristics such as Ears, Face, Arms, Bottoms, Tails and little details to make it look like them too such as Eyes Colors, Glasses, Braces and Clothes.
Once their wild self is ready it will also tell them What's Wild About You too, which explains the different parts of each.  
Another digital tool that my students love (and we love it at home too) is Switch Zoo Animal Games, especially...
 Switch Zoo!
 With Switch Zoo, they can make new animals online by choosing different tails, legs and heads,
 while creating their very own story in the...
Switch Zoo Creative Writing Field Trip too.
The Switch Zoo App is another place to go, just like the online version.  

All three of these digital tools are free!  

5. Teaching Animal Adaptations Through Art and Making 
Once they have learned about animal adaptations and created their very own mixed up animals using technology, how about having them show what they know by making through different art projects too.  

One tool my students loved using in our Makerspace to create their own, unique animals was the 3Doodler.   They can create their own from scratch and...
look at the different Projects on the 3Doodler site for lots of ideas.  
 Here is one for creating a Gorilla.  
It is important to show them how to create a pattern when using the 3Doodler.  

So if they are going to make their own and need a little help, have them make a pattern for their crazy, mixed up animal too.  

They could even use the new creature they made in Build Your Wild Self or Switch Zoo. 
If you are looking for even more ideas, check out this awesome Pinterest Board...Mixed Up Animals which is full of more books, art activities, projects and digital tools.

6. Teaching Animal Adaptations By Creating and Publishing Their Own Digital Story Using Buncee
My favorite digital storytelling and presentation tool is Buncee.  

This incredible web-based tool gives students and educators the space they need to create, learn and publish online, sharing their Buncee's with their community and the world.

Buncee can be used in teaching animal adaptations by creating and publishing their own digital story.
 In our digital story Our Mixed Up Class From Iowa Visits The Jungle, Hagan and I smashed Build Your Wild Self, the songs and stories from Cantata Learning's Animal Songs: Songs About Animal Adaptations Set...
...and research from PebbleGo Animals with Buncee to create a very creative, interactive and personalized story showing our animal adaption knowledge.
Then just take a screen shot of what is created in Build Your Wild Self and...
add stickers, animation and any other kind of media that tells the story of their unique animal with all new adaptations.
You can even have them add a Video from Pick Media Type .
It is easy for them to click on this and record right within their Buncee.

Check out Hagan's on our Buncee.

7. Teaching Animal Adaptations By Asking Questions Within Buncee

Within Buncee, you can also add Multiple Choice Questions and Free Response Questions by clicking on the two purple buttons at the bottom of Pick Media Type.  
 I added a Free Response Question to the slide about PebbleGo to ask them...
this question.  They will read it and type their response into the box.

You can now view the entire Buncee we created here or by clicking on the embedded box above.  

And you can even use this too in creating your own for your students by clipping the pages you want to use in your Buncee too.  

As you can see there are so many fun, creative ways to teach, learn and show animal adaptations.  I can't wait to hear how you and your students do this too!  

Please share your ideas.