Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Appsmashing News! Check Out What Happens In Padlet With Buncee Now!

I couldn't be more excited to share this awesome APPSMASHING news between two of my favorite digital tools.

Now when you add a Buncee to a Padlet, the Buncee will open up within the Padlet!

Try it out by clicking here.

And then pick one of the Buncee's to click on.
You will see the Buncee open up from there.  This Buncee above is only one page so it will open up that single page.
And this Buncee from Mrs. P is multiple pages so you will be able to flip through the pages within Padlet.  There is an arrow on the sides...
that will let you flip back and forth between the pages of the Buncee.

I love this because smashing Buncee into Padlet is something I do all the time.
For example, here is a Padlet I used to share ideas for using Buncee in the library and classroom. You can add ideas, projects and also Buncee's.

Look how this happens now...
First, I get the link from the Buncee I want to add.  You will find Share in the right hand corner of your Buncee.
Go to Padlet and click on the hot pink circle with the + sign in the right hand corner.  It will bring up a new note.

First, add the title and any details you would like to your note.

You will click on the little round circle with the + sign to add the link that you copied from your Buncee.
 It will bring up Add an Attachment.  Paste your Buncee link and click the arrow.
 It will show the Buncee.  Click OK.
 Now your Buncee is added to the Padlet.
And today when you click on your Buncee, it will open up within the Padlet.

How cool is that?!?!

Using Buncee and Padlet together is perfect for so many things....student work, project ideas, professional development and even collaborating and sharing Buncee's from around the world.

Thank you friends for making one of our favorite appsmashes even better!  

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