Tuesday, December 27, 2016

PebbleGo Fortune Tellers Make Research Fun!

Our friends at Capstone have done it again!  

They have created something super special for our young researchers and readers just in time to kick off a fun new year of learning!  
Do you remember the little paper things we folded up and put our fingers and thumbs in to then lift a flap and reveal a fortune?  

Guess what?  Capstone has created some for us to use in our libraries and classrooms!  

With the PebbleGo Fortune Tellers, students will choose a category from one of the four PebbleGo databases and lift the flap to reveal a question.  They will then use PebbleGo to research the answer.  

There is a PebbleGo Fortune Teller for four of the databases including...
 Science and...
Social Studies.  

There are so many ways the PebbleGo Fortune Tellers could be used.  They would be the perfect to kick off research and learning all about the different databases of PebbleGo.

They could be used at the end of a lesson or day to explore PebbleGo individually, in a small group or even as a class.

And what a fun thing to send home as a parent/child activity!  I know parents would be very impressed with all of the research and learning skills that shine through when our students use PebbleGo.
Find out all about PebbleGo here!

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