Monday, October 10, 2016

Teach Your Students About The Eye Doctor With The 3rd Cantata Learning Meet and Greet!

Do you want a great way to show your students what it is like to go to the eye doctor?  

Well, we have the perfect thing for you!  
Last week we visited optometrist Dr. Patel in her office at Urban Eyes Vision Care in Denver, Colorado.  
She was our third People In Your Community Meet and Greet with Cantata Learning. 
We are hosting the Meet and Greets as part of the new Harmony Project....Give A Shout Out To Your Community. 

You can find out here how to be part of this wonderful global collaborative project too!  We would love to hear, see and read all about your community too. 
My amazing friend and teacher librarian Michelle Griffith

along with a few of her kindergarten and first grade friends, connected with us for the Meet and Greet in Google Hangout. 
During the Meet and Greet, we loved hearing all about how Dr. Patel became an eye doctor.

We watched Dr. Patel check our friend Emily's eye and...
 even get a really picture of the inside of her eyeball.
They even showed us the picture!  
 She told everyone how to make a peep hole with your fingers to...
...see things far away.  It was cute seeing all of them trying it out too!  
 They had several awesome questions for Dr. Patal.
We all learned so much...
 and your students can to by watching the recording of this Meet and Greet here.
Also, I have BIG NEWS to share about the fourth Meet and Greet!  

It is with singer and songwriter Emily Arrow tomorrow, October 11 at 11-11:30am EST.  

The 2nd graders in Van Meter, Iowa will be joining Emily for this LIVE Google Hangout.  It is going to be a lot of fun!  

And please join our Give A Shout Out To Your Community project today!

It will be so fun and such a wonderful learning experience for your students and school community to participate with others around the world too.
You can join the project here and find all of the details for the project at this link on the Cantata Learning website. 

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