Sunday, July 3, 2016

You Are My Sunshine, The Song of The Month From Cantata, Will Help You Celebrate The Summer & Sun!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. 
You make me happy with your bright ways.  
I had this sweet little song in my head all day long as Eric and I picked out new things to plant in our yard.

With the sun shining and everyone enjoying the summer this weekend in Denver, the Cantata Learning song and story You Are My Sunshine was the perfect addition to our day.
This song also happens to be Cantata Learning's Song of the Month which is another fun reason to celebrate.
As it celebrates sunshine through words and wonderful illustrations, the song takes all of our learners on an exciting journal.  
The music is easy to listen to by using the CD in the back of the book or by scanning the QR code that can be found within the book and on the back cover.

All they have to do it download a free QR code scanner.
The music is also available online to be streamed or downloaded as a MP3.  You can listen to this song here.
The Song Lyrics to You Are My Sunshine are also included in the back of the book along with...
the sheet music.  

Just listen for yourself.  I know you will love it too!  
After you sing along and learn all about the sunshine, check out the Guided Reading Activities. 
There is also a BRAND NEW lesson plan for You Are My Sunshine.  
This can be found on the Cantata Learning blog here
It can be downloaded in color or black and white.

I just love the ideas in this lesson plan and it brings it all together.

Happy Summer.....Celebrate the sunshine with Cantata Learning too.

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