Sunday, July 31, 2016

Help The Three Little Kittens In The Cantata Learning Song of the Week!

We all have songs and stories that come to mind when we think about our childhood.  One of them for me is repeating....
 ...The three little kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry.  

Oh, Mother dear, we sadly fear that our mittens are lost. 

My sister Heather and I sang this over and over, while imitating the little kittens too.
This week we celebrate Three Little Kittens as Cantata Learning's Song of the Week, which is part of the Sing Along Animal Songs series. 
This is a wonderful story and song to use with children as we explain cause and effect through the story of these three little kittens.

As with each Song of the Week, Cantata Learning has created a terrific lesson plan that can be used with your students in the library and classroom.
You will find the lesson plan in the Cantata Learning blog post Lesson Plan: Three Little Kittens. 

This can be downloaded and printed from the site in color or black and white.
There awesome Technology, Music and Art, and Science and History Extensions within the lesson plan too.
You can find Three Little Kittens on the Cantata Learning website here.  This is where you can stream or download the music free.

You can also order the book from Capstone here.
I also want to mention the other book with cats as the main characters from Cantata.  It is 10 Little Kittens.  This would be a fun way to pair with Three Little Kittens to tie in counting, rhyming, comparing and contrasting concepts with your young learners.

Children love animals.  The song of the week and other titles with animals from Cantata Learning are going to be a huge hit in your library and classroom!

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