Monday, April 25, 2016

What A Special Celebration We Had Today For Poem In Your Pocket With Emily Arrow, Robert Forbes, Blake Hoena and Mrs. P With Students In Iowa, Texas , Virginia & Around the World!

Today was such a special day.  We gathered together in libraries and homes to celebrate one of our favorite annual celebrations, Poem In Your Pocket Day.

Children in Iowa, Texas and Virginia gathered together in school libraries with their teacher librarians, teachers and others for this wonderful Google Hangout.

And we brought together four very special guests to celebrate along with us too.
Emily Arrow, Blake Hoena (Cantata Learning), Mrs. P and Robert Forbes joined us and all had something to share during our Poem in Your Pocket celebration.  
I had the honor of bringing everyone together and introducing our schools and special guests.
Emily kicked us off by singing her song Poem In Your Pocket.  It was such great fun to rhyme and sing words with her.
Blake was next and shared several of his books from Cantata Learning including Muffin Man and Oh, My Darling, Clementine.  

They all loved it when he read On Top of Old Smoky and listen to his connections of growing up on a farm and exploring when he was young.
For the last several years, my dear friend Robert and Mrs. P have joined myself and several friends for our Poetry Summit during Poetry Month.
Therefore, it was perfect for them to take the second half of our GHO celebration by sharing, creating and singing poetry together.
After they all shared, the schools all had a chance to ask questions from Van Meter Elementary in Iowa, 
Brazosport ISD in Texas, 
Katy ISD in Texas,
and Bettie Weaver Elementary in Virginia.
I loved seeing how much the students, teacher librarians and teachers in the GHO were enjoying our Poem in Your Celebration.

And to see how much our guests loved it was really neat too!
They encouraged the children to put poems in their pockets, in notebooks and in their heads so they could share them all year long.
Emily even sang her sweet song again but put in words that we talked about throughout our celebration.

That was amazing to hear what they all came up with as they sang along with Emily one last time.

Since this was a LIVE Google Hangout, we were able to share the link other schools around the world.....and WOW, it was awesome to see dozens of others joining in too.

You have to see some of the special tweets below....
You can watch our GHO below....I promise it will be something you will enjoy sharing with your students too!  

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