Monday, April 4, 2016

We Have Winners For The Rhythms & Rhymes Contest...and Wait To You See Their Videos!

We have winners!  Winners for the Cantata Learning Rhythms and Rhymes Contest!  

For this contest, we were asking you and your students to send in creative videos that show how to use nursery rhymes and folk songs to build literacy skills.  

Today we announce our five winners who will receive 30 Cantata Learning books, along with CD's and sheet music for each book!  I can't wait to see the libraries and classrooms these books will find a home in. 
I know you will LOVE the videos that were created.  You can go here and view all five.

And please share with your students too.  What a fun way to teach them a new nursery rhyme today.

I love this one that the kindergartener's at Fairfield School in Connecticut used The Bear Went Over the Mountain and tied it into their unit about bears!  Read all about it here. 
And one more very exciting we have to share today!

We are kicking off a brand new Harmony Project!  This time it is all nursery rhymes...and this is perfect for Poetry Month!

You can read about it here....And I will be sharing more later too.

Congrats again to the five groups that showed off their favorite nursery rhymes....You were amazing and it was so much fun. 

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