Monday, April 11, 2016

"Three Blind Mice" Are Here For the Week....See What They Are Up To!

Three Blind Mice, Three Blind Mice...See How They Run, See How They Run this week with the Cantata Learning Song of the Week!  

And a perfect nursery rhyme to tie into our Rhythms and Rhymes Global Harmony Project we kicked off last week.  You can read all about it and sign up to participate here
Three Blind Mice retold by Blake Hoena and illustrated by Ellen Stubbings is such a fun and playful book to kick off the week.

As I was planning a few fun things with Three Blind Mice for the week, I wanted to also find out a little background and history to share with the students.
Three Blind Mice is an old English nursery rhyme first published in the folk music compilation Deuteromelia or The Second part of Musicks melodie.
The origins of Three Blind Mice are said to be 1609 when it was published in Deutero Melia by Thomas Ravenscroft who was just a teenager at the time. Additionally, there is some historical meaning in the lyrics as well.
It is thought that the song was made at an earlier time for Queen Mary I of England who blinded and executed 3 Protestant bishops. However, these three were burned at the stake which made some believe that the blinded part of the song was because they were Protestant.The rhyme then became part of children's literature in 1842 when it was published in a collection written by James Orchard Halliwell.
You can find the song here on the Cantata Learning website.   
And like every Cantata Learning title you will find the lyrics and sheet music towards the back of the book, which will be a wonderful way for your students to follow along.
The Guided Reading Activities also in the back are terrific tie-ins and extensions.  

I love Activity 3 which asks the students to Draw an oval on a piece of paper.  Make a nose at the bottom.  Draw two whiskers on each side of that nose.  Then add eyes.  You drew a mouse!  
We found three more activities to go along with the Song of the Week.  They include....Three Blind Mice Nursery Rhyme Craft
Pom Pom Craft for Kids...Three Blind Mice
and here is a video showing how to make Three Blind Mice cookies too. 

Have a wonderful week.....I can't wait to see how you sing, read and celebrate Three Blind Mice!  

You can find out how to order this hardcover or interactive eBook from Capstone here too. 

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