Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Join Us For The Rhythms & Rhymes Global Project With Cantata Learning!

We are very excited to announce the Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project....the new Harmony Project with Cantata Learning.  
We are asking teacher librarians and educators to create, sing, write, read, act, build, and learn with your students as you focus on all of the ways you can celebrate nursery rhymes.
During our Winter Global Project, teacher librarians, educators and students around the world created wonderful projects and shared them with all of us by contributing to the global winter story in this FlipSnack.  We loved all of the ways winter was shared.

With the Rhythms and Rhymes Global Projectwe want everyone to share similar stories and we will create a global eBook very similar to the winter story.
To give you and your students a little inspiration, you can Find the Nursery Rhyme Songs on the Cantata Learning website and also....
all of them are included in this Cantata Learning Nursery Rhyme Symbaloo.  

I am sure you will be inspired by listening, reading, and singing the nursery rhymes.
You can click here to Join the Project and share your information.

Once I know who is participating, it will give me a way to communicate and collaborate with all of you.  We can connect other schools, set up Skype's, and even plan on how we are going to collaborate within the project together.
When you have your Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project created, you and your students can add your projects to the Rhythms and Rhymes Google Slides. 

This is such a terrific way to share collaborative work, because it makes it very easy for me to pull all of our work together into a beautiful story to share.
On the Cantata Learning website, we have shared lots of ways you get your creative juices flowing on this project.
You can find tons of ideas on this Nursery Rhyme Pinterest Board that Brianna and I put together.
Also, on the Nursery Rhyme Symbaloo you will find lots of things to use.... websites to create digital projects, music creation and listening websites, PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive for research and inspiration, and so much more.

We hope this gives you and your students lots of inspiration and brings you odeels of creative inspiration as you sing, dance, and read your way through this new Harmony Project with Cantata.  

I can't wait to have you sign up here and get started with all of the amazing collaborative and global experiences.  Please let me know how I can help you with this too.  

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