Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Celebrate Farmers, Planting & Earth Day With Cantata's Song of the Week!

As harvest starts all around us, Cantata Learning has the perfect Song of the Week!  

It is called Oats and Beans and Barley Grow.  
My brother started planting yesterday in Shellsburg, Iowa.  It was so fun for us to see his tweet as he kicked off another year of planting corn and soybeans.  
As our students learn about planting, growing and harvesting crops, Oats and Beans and Barley Grow will be a wonderful addition to any library, classroom and home.

The song and story along with....
the beautiful illustrations will make the learning engaging, exciting and fun.

This book is also a wonderful tie in to Earth Day and the celebration of gardens.

I wrote about one of my favorite new books in the post Celebrate Earth Day With Ashlyn Anstee's "No, No, Gnome! and Imagine What He Can Bring To Your School Gardens Too! a few days ago.  In this book, the children are planting, growing and harvesting their school garden.

Wouldn't Oats and Beans and Barley Grow be the perfect one to pair with this one and others to show how farmers plant, how and harvest too?
With the song and music, which all Cantata Learning books have, children will remember how this is done and bring it home to try in their very own garden too.

And remember....all of the Cantata Learning music can be found online.
You can find Oats and Beans and Barley Grow on the Cantata Learning here

As you look out into the fields and celebrate Earth Day, make sure you also thank our farmers and others who take care of our earth and grow the things we all need.  
Here is a list of resources you will find interesting and helpful about schools gardens too...

Growing Pride at Meadowbrook - Very interesting article about how Meadowbrook uses gardening in their curriculum. 

Weeds As Teachers - Interesting application of how weeds can be used for teaching students about adaptations, competition, cycles and seasons, food webs and enumerable other scientific information.

Guilford County School Gardens - They have a garden at almost every school in their county. 

Amherst School Garden Project - Awesome blog about their school garden. 
Vermont School Garden - This one is really good. They show themselves cooking the food they grew. 

How to Celebrate Earth Day - 5 awesome ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Elementary School Celebrates Earth day in a Big Way! - Very cool blog post about how this school celebrated Earth Day 

Students of Eco-Schools celebrate Earth Day with contests, lessons and planting - Great ideas!

Harbor Country Day School Students Celebrate Earth Day - Celebrated by cleaning up school grounds.
And an Earth Day Pinterest Board we created that is filled with ideas, projects and resources too. 

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