Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Joyce and I Want To Know What Apps Are In Your Pocket...Please Add To Our Padlet!

Joyce Valenza and I are getting ready for a master class we are teaching in Australia next month.  

Our workshop App Smashing Make and Take Day With Shannon and Joyce will be a fun, creative, high energy day where participants will learn how to use a variety of digital tools together and to be able to create, take, and use them from the workshop in their own school communities. 

As we prepare for our day with wonderful educators in Australia, we also thought it would be fun to get ideas and favorite apps from our friends.  
Tonight we created this Padlet, We Want To Know What Apps Are In Your Pocket! 

Please share with us what apps you are using....What is new?  What apps are great to use to get your students creating?  What apps are you using to organize yourself?  Which apps are you"smashing" or using together?  
We'd love to know so please share by clicking on the Padlet wall.  

You will then add a Title, short description, and a link to the app.  
By adding the link, it will allow us to click on the icon in the middle of the app picture....
and learn more about the app by taking us right to that page online.
Once you are into the screen posted above that describes the website, you can also scroll through each post on the Padlet wall.  It makes it very easy to see all of them in more detail.

Thank you so much for helping us out.  We hope that this Padlet will be helpful to you too.

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