Monday, May 6, 2013

The 4th Graders Learned About Edcanvas and Got Excited About Summer Reading

Today my friend Jaeden helped me teach the 4th graders about Edcanvas during their library and technology time with me.  
Over the weekend I posted Edcanvas...A Different Type of Canvas To Support Learning, Creativity and Education.  So today I couldn't wait to introduce Edcanvas to the elementary students too.        
As Jaeden learned how to get logged into Edcanvas, I explained what it was to the rest of the class.  After he was signed in as a "Student" from the opening page, Jaeden used the "Class Code" that I gave all of them to add in order to join our class, "Summer Reading At Van Meter."  
By having the students join this Class, they would all then create Canvases under this class.  I gave them access to all the canvases within the class.  

What a GREAT way for them to create and collaborate with one another!  By seeing everyones canvas they would all be gathering these amazing and fun resources for summer reading.  
I love what Jaeden added to his canvas.  He added his favorite authors websites and also several book trailers for favorite books too. 

And I really love that he also added a few places where we go often at Van Meter....MackinVIA for our eBooks and eResources, and BiblioNasium, an online social reading community we love.  

A lot of the students did this....They told me that they wanted to keep everything together in one spot for the summer.  I LOVED hearing how they were figuring out how to organize and implement Edcanvas themselves and make it as personal as they wished.
I created the "Summer Reading Fun!" canvas filled with summer reading resources too.  Within a class the teacher is able to share canvases with their students. I shared this one with all of the students today.

After about 10 minutes of great conversation I let the 4th graders go on their own....

and WOW did they ever do a wonderful job with their canvases today.
Just look how the first thing Kennedy added to "Kennedy's Summer Reading Canvas" was the book that she checked out today....The One and Only Ivan.  She went to YouTube, found the book trailer and added it to her canvas.
Throughout the next couple of weeks as we end our school year, my students will be adding their own canvases to the "Summer Reading Fun" Class.

I can't wait to show everyone how AWESOME these will be!

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