Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learning Together In Iowa and Colorado All About The Animals In Our States!

Last week my friend Michelle Baldwin and I connected our students.....We were studying animals in both schools and thought it would be great learning with each other.  

Michelle's group were 7th and 8th graders.....My group were the kindergarteners at Van Meter.  

The kindergarteners shared what they learned about their Iowa animals and Michelle's group shared about animals found in Colorado.  
It was so much fun seeing all of the children sharing and learning together from Iowa to Anastasis Academy in Colorado.  And it was so much fun seeing my wonderful friend Michelle with her students.  
All of our kindergarteners took turns sharing their animal and information about it too.  They told our new friends in Colorado where their animal lived, what they eat, how many babies they had at one time and other things they learned along the way during the Iowa Animal Research Project we have been working on throughout the last several weeks.  
The kindergarteners loved learning from the students in "Team Baldwin" too.  They told our students all about seeing moose, deer and so many other things in Colorado.  
This project has been so very very rewarding in many ways.

The best part of it.....Seeing that smile on their faces because they are TEACHING someone else something new, something they take so much pride in knowing.

Also, by having the kindergarten students share about their Iowa animal it was also a very good way to assess how much they learned and how they were feeling about their project.

Thank you Team Baldwin and Michelle....We so appreciate all of you connecting, learning and teaching us last week.

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