Friday, May 17, 2013

A Special Visit From Our Friend, Author and Illustrator Alan Silberberg....What FUN We Had!

We had a VERY special and FUNNY guest Skype into the library this last week.
Our amazing friend Alan Silberberg visited the 5th graders at Van Meter! He is an author and illustrator.

He started the Skype like we have never done before....with giant googlie eyes and a very funny face!  It was so much fun and what a way to connect with all of them...they loved it.
Alan has a new book available...The Awesome Almost 100% True Adventures of Matt & Craz.  

He sent it to me a few weeks ago and I loved it!  I couldn't wait to have Alan visit and share this wonderful new book with all of them too.  
This little book trailer is fun to watch....
and the book cover for The Awesome Almost 100% True Adventures of Matt & Craz is so great too.  
Alan also wrote Milo, Sticky Notes & Brain Freeze and Pond Scum.  

Alan had the BEST presentation for us. 

He told us about how he got involved with illustrating and writing.  He shared how he got his ideas and stories of his childhood.  He drew the kids right into his books as you can see.  
The 5th graders had a lot of questions for Alan and we all learned so much through these great questions too.  Alan has had lots of interesting jobs and they have talked about those ever since the Skype. 
We also had our own little personal film crew for this visit.  The kids just love being able to go grab the iPad to film all kinds of things in the library.  Today they used the Camtasia Relay again to capture this Skype. 
Next, Alan spent time drawing for us, giving tips and looking at art work the students created.  
For these characters he asked for volunteers to give him their name.  He then created a character with the letters.  Look at the one above....Can you see the V's, F's, U and other letters?  
While he was drawing, several of the students went to grab paper and a pencil.  They were drawing now too and even trying out their very own "letter people".
 Alan loved having the kids show him their art work.
Alan also has this website called Better Now.  There are cartoon tips and a few downloads focusing around his books.  
What a special day....Thank you Alan for bringing so much to our students, teachers and families.

You are making such a difference.

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